To us, there is nothing more important than providing our clients with peace of mind concerning the quality of our services. When we do our job right, the properties we manage flourish. It may seem cliché, but we honestly believe that the customer comes first. Thanks to our success over the past 15 years, we promise to continue to manage with that belief.

“John is quite simply a professional property manager. He is available at all hours and has proven time and time again that he not only has the resources to address all issues, but the personal dedication to see it through to the end. We live over 2500 miles away from our properties and John made sure that we were in the loop about all of the particulars and when there were issues (there always are) they were submitted to us along with solutions for their resolution. John is truly someone who everyone should look to as a trusted advisor/manager. We can’t say enough good things about John.” -Matt Megorden, CFP®, CIMA® Senior Vice President – Wealth Management / Certified Financial Planner /Investment Advisor / Portfolio Manager

“John is a super member of the management team that takes care of our buildings in California. I would put my trust in his hands.” -John Bohnet, Realtor at Realty Executives of Nevada