There is nothing more important than knowing that your property is in the hands of the right management company. At RPMS, our commitment to providing every client with excellent customer service, transparency in all facets of our management, and up-to-date legal knowledge about your Governing Documents, is what separates us from other property management companies. Reliable Property Management Services guarantees that every service we provide will exceed your expectations. When we do our job properly, you are able to focus on the enjoyment of your community and rest assured your management is in good hands.


“As a Board member for our HOA, I found John to be very responsive to our needs. As our property manager, he promptly and efficiently handled necessary matters and provided required information. His follow-through was good, and his attitude toward working with the Board and the community was commendable. He placed importance on providing good service rather than just providing the bare minimum.” -Randall Einhorn, Attorney

“John is an excellent property manager. He is very good at handling difficult situations in a calm and professional manner. He shows sincere concern for the community that he works with, and he takes the time to answer every inquiry even after work hours. He is also very knowledgeable in HOA best practices which allows us to be in compliance with laws and regulations. I have learned a lot from John. He is always a pleasure to work with. Any HOA community that is interested in hiring him will benefit considerably in having him in the team.” -Imelda Castillo, Product Owner IV

“John has been a huge asset to our community. His experience and skill set were instrumental in helping make a property-wide renovation run smoothly and effectively. While well versed on the laws and code pertaining to HOAs, he also takes a genuine interest in the communities he serves. I’ve truly enjoyed my time working with John and would wholeheartedly recommend him to any HOAs looking for competent management.” -Travis Emmel, Test Engineer at Maxwell Technologies

“John is a super member of the management team that takes care of our buildings in California. I would put my trust in his hands.”  -John Bohnet, Realtor at Realty Executives of Nevada

“John is an excellent manager. Since John became manager of our homeowner’s association, our financial position has improved dramatically. Thanks to his expert knowledge and advice, we have completed repair projects that have made our condominium complex look brand new and we will require little more maintenance for at least ten years. As president of the board of directors, I can say that working with John has been a great pleasure.” -Bruce Duncan Ross, Real Estate Investor

“I have had the pleasure to work with John on multiple construction and painting projects throughout the last 2 years. I have seen him practice great communication skills, people skills, and an extensive amount of knowledge in the property management field. As a contractor, it is great to work with a property manager who is as dedicated, detail oriented, and organized as John. His business practices made these painting and construction projects run perfectly. I recommend John for any property management solutions your community needs.” -Ryan Kilpatrick, Regional Vice President at EmpireWorks – Reconstruction and Painting

“John is a sharp and savvy community association’s manager. He knows how to get things done timely and cost-effectively. I thoroughly enjoy working with John and the company he works for.” -Lauri Croce, Attorney at Law

“After being hired, John quickly transformed our disorganized and contentious HOA board into a well-functioning HOA and management team. We have gone from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings all the while maintaining the community in a better, more efficient manner. I recommend John.” -Jay Krovetz, Realtor & Broker

“John is quite simply a professional property manager. He is available at all hours and has proven time and time again that he not only has the resources to address all issues, but the personal dedication to see it through to the end. We live over 2500 miles away from our properties and John made sure that we were in the loop about all of the particulars and when there were issues (there always are) they were submitted to us along with solutions for their resolution. John is truly someone who everyone should look to as a trusted advisor/manager. We can’t say enough good things about John.” -Matt Megorden, CFP®, CIMA® Senior Vice President – Wealth Management / Certified Financial Planner /Investment Advisor / Portfolio Manager